Boost Your Car Mileage with These 5 Unbelievably Easy Tricks


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Remember that time when you’re learning how to drive and you make a promise to drive with efficient mileage rate? Somewhere along the road, all the hassle caused by traffic make you forget that promise.

Today is as good as any other day to fulfill that promise. Better mileage rate means better car lifespan, better fuel spending, and better for the environment. Sounds all good, right? And it’s actually not hard to get a better mileage rate.

Here are five unbelievably simple ways you can get a better mileage rate:

Optimal tyre means optimum mileage rate


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Make sure that you inflate your tyre to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Low tyre pressure means more contact surface between the tyre and the road. Except when you’re driving in the middle of a desert, you don’t need larger traction to your tyre. High friction between the tyre and the road means higher fuel consumption.

On the other hand, over-inflating your tyre means greater fuel efficiency. But there will be less traction, and it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle. So always keep your tyre on recommended pressure.

Last thing, always check your tyre pressure regularly because they always lose pressure slowly.

Drive smoothly


Via – aguinaldo_cezar

In May 2013, one participant in Dubai’s Mileage Rally managed to get 42.1 kmpl (kilometers per liter) in the petrol category. His secret? Just following the proper driving technique.

When you accelerate suddenly or hit the brakes harshly, you unnecessarily punish your car’s engine. It might be fun for a while, but you’re annoying the passenger and paying more fuel for that.

Aerodynamics is not only for aeroplanes and spaceships


Via – murra

If you want a better car mileage rate, a simple thing such as air could be your enemy. Yes, when you’re driving, your car constantly receive an opposing force from the wind drag. It sounds like a complicated science, but you don’t have to worry about all the complex calculation.

Your car is designed with aerodynamics in mind. The only thing you have to do is to close all the windows when driving in high speed and avoid carrying item on the car roof. Contrary to popular belief, closing the windows and letting the AC run is much more efficient in terms of mileage rate.

Weight, it matters


Via – Intelligent Travel

An overburdened car would also need more fuel to move. In a heavy load scenario, the engine simply has to work harder than usual. That’s why you should travel only with the essential load. Ditch that old child safety seat and all the random stuff your friends left in your car.

But keep the spare tyre, jumper cable, and other handy emergency tools. A better car mileage rate is important, but so are safety measures.

Turn off everything at the end of the road


Via – Unsplash

When you reach your destination, make sure you turn off every gadget before turning off the car. The AC, the light, the radio, cigarette lighter, TV consoles, and everything else, turn it all off.

It may seem like minor things to look out for, but if you keep all your gadgets on when you turn the car off, it will burn more fuel when you start the car back up. Ideally, the car only needs to power up the engine when it’s starting, but if all your gadgets are still on, the car will need more fuel to power it all in one go.

There are other simple thing that you can do to increase your mileage rate such as making sure your car is always in the best possible shape, doing regular maintenance, and keeping it clean.

Keeping track of all the little things for your car could be an inconvenience, and there are times when you could forget that. That’s why there’s Carmen. Carmen is a dongle that read’s your car data real-time and alerts you to any potential problems before it happens. No need to ponder about when you should go to the mechanics for your maintenance or when you should replace the battery, Carmen has all that covered.


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