How Efficient Car Fuel Consumption Help Save Your Wallet and Your Car


Via – Thamlamm

While it’s common knowledge that taking care of your car can help with efficient fuel consumption, it also works the other way around: practicing efficient fuel consumption can definitely help you save your car and set aside some savings for the rainy days.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to go economic on your gas to be able to free up your cash for other (equally important) things and definitely save your car from quickly deteriorating:

Combine errands to do with one trip


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A car that has been parked for a few hours will have a cold engine that will use up more fuel for the first few miles it goes. Did you know that you’d save a lot on your fuel consumption if you combine your errands to be carried out in a single trip? Although this is easier said than done, it helps to know this tip to ensure you don’t eat up most of your fuel with several short trips that you have to make every day.

Always travel light if you can


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Just as we wouldn’t want to be carrying around a heavy backpack full of unnecessary stuff, our car will surely be thankful if we unload those trolleys and golf clubs and luggage from last month’s travel from the trunk. And just as we would use up more energy lugging heavy things around, our cars will also need more fuel to move around more weight. So always take the time to clear the boot of your car every now and then as this has a large effect on your car’s fuel consumption.

Be kind to your accelerator


Via – PiotrBudzynski

Stay on a constant speed when driving, ideally around 50mph and preferably at your car’s highest gear, which could be the 5th or 6th. A patient driver will normally have minimal fuel expenses as opposed to the aggressive driver who beats more red lights than he should. The same thing holds true for those stepping on the accelerator for so long simply to avoid changing into a lower gear. Be kind to your accelerator, and it will definitely reflect the minimal fuel you’ve consumed so far with your car use.

Turn the air-conditioning off


Via – TheStreet

We understand how tempting it is to leave your car’s air-conditioning system on every time you’re in for a ride, regardless of the weather. Sure it makes your travel convenient, but it also uses quite a lot of fuel. Save up on your fuel consumption by turning your air-conditioning off especially when it’s not that hot and the weather makes for a good ride with your windows open.

Always check your tires before hitting the road


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Many car owners are guilty of not knowing that keeping their tires properly aligned, correctly inflated and with just the right pressure helps save fuel consumption as it minimizes the drag that the car’s engine has to overcome as it travels down the road. Make it a point to choose a tire set with low rolling resistance as it helps improve gas mileage by around 1 or 2 percent. Check your tire pressure at least once every two weeks just to ensure it keeps the right pressure every time you drive your vehicle around.

For that priceless peace of mind while driving your car, trust the state-of-the-art Carmen technology to give you real-time information about your vehicle’s status. It gauges and gives you critical alerts on potential problems so you can prevent them as early as possible.


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