Why Having A Driving App Is Essential And Why Carmen?

Why Having A Driving App Is Essential And Why Carmen?


There is no denying that technology has a great impact on us and smartphones are communication gadgets that provide great functionality to people. As drivers, we need to be updated with the latest apps that gives us the best information out there to know about cars and particularly, our car. Here are a few reasons as to why it is relevant to invest on a few car driving apps:

1. Informative 

As car owners, we always want the best for our car so could we see ourself driving in the same car for the longest time possible so we are always in a hunt for the best place to maintain/service your car, best price to fill up the fuel and tips for your car. Driving app are the best source for this and there are various of car apps that is available out there for you.

2. Easy Access


There is no denying that we rely on our smartphones for the latest information because it is a great way to search anything quickly and easily especially in time of emergency. Now this is the part where driving app comes in place. Search for an app that alerts you for any car issue before you know it.

3. Positive User Experience

We want an app that can we can rely on so it’s important that the app is consistent with their information and performance. Since it’s easy to just install an app, it is equally easy to uninstall when there are lack of interest in it. Before downloading an app, keep a lookout on the reviews and if there are constant customer interactions.


4. Access To Real Time Data 


Every car owners should own a driving app that inform you of your car’s maintenance. Enterprise mobile apps are creating apps that helps connect user through a number of variations such as time, distance and location and it has in fact been the strongest advocate in supplying the convenience of mobility.


5. Carmen For You 

Carmen has what it takes to change your driving life.

What is Carmen?


Carmen, a diagnostic tool that monitors your car’s battery health, fuel efficiency, etc. The stats are then uploaded onto the internet. This data can be accessed through the Carmen App or by logging into your account on the Carmen website. After accessing into the database, you will able to read your car’s data from the battery, fuel and temperature.  Carmen also monitors your car’s fuel based on the total Distance, Travel, Time and Average Speed and the cost that you have spent on fuel for the past 7 days.




And the best part…

No more hassle in finding the right workshop! You can connect Carmen’s app to your preferred car workshop so that when your car requires maintenance or part-replacement, your workshop is alerted and you can book a date instantly! To date, we have a total of 12 workshops who have came on board with Carmen ready to serve you.

Carmen is now available at these workshops:

  1. Kereta Services
  2. Aoto Pte Ltd
  3. Hussain & Sons Workshop
  4. Connect4Car
  5. Gary Engineering
  6. Max Factor
  7. Whitesnail Performance
  8. Garage Republic
  9. M-FRENO
  10. D-Project Werkz Pte Ltd
  11. Emerson Automotive Services Pte Ltd
  12. Hanip Automobiles 

Visit http://www.carmen.sg for more information.

Written by: Afrah

H/T: Aurosys


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