Easy Car Tips To Save On Gas And How Carmen Help You Save More

Easy Car Tips To Save On Gas And How Carmen Help You Save More


It is no secret that the price of gas is unstable. The price fluctuates depending on supply and demand of crude, several other important factors come into play as well. So it is important that we learn how to save on some fuel cost while we can and fortunately, there are many ways to save significantly.

1) Drive Less

Put that car away and make use of the public transport! These days, there are multiple public transport to take whenever you need a lift and if you still prefer to drive, plan by combining your trips into one to avoid multiple trips.


2) Warm Your Car For Lesser Time

When you are warming your car in the morning, do it for less than 30 seconds because warming up the car for more than a minute can result in wasting of the fuel and pump nasty greenhouse gas emissions into the car.

3) Buy Gas Early


Although it is hard to determine when is the best time to buy gas, you are advised to be conscious of the price. For instance, if you notice that the price rise between the weekend, buy gas early in the week!

4) Monitor Your Brakes


We have the tendency to brake excessively especially when approaching a traffic light. Avoid doing it so often as it is one of the easiest ways to waste gas and causing your brake pads to wear out quickly. Keep a lookout of the distance that you are driving and the car ahead you so you can estimate when to stop the brakes.


5) Download An App That Reminds You Of Your Car’s Fuel 



Now don’t you wish you have an app or a tool that tells you about the condition or maintenance needed for your car? Or just simply knowing how your car is doing constantly without having to waste unnecessary money onto something that can be predicted early. Here’s Carmen for you. A dongle that reads your car’s data and since we are on the topic about fuel and ways to save it. Here’s why you need Carmen.

Carmen monitors your car’s fuel based on the total Distance, Travel, Time and Average Speed and the cost that you have spent on fuel for the past 7 days.


And the best part…

No more hassle in finding the right workshop! You can connect Carmen’s app to your preferred car workshop so that when your car requires maintenance or part-replacement, your workshop is alerted and you can book a date instantly! To date, we have a total of 12 workshops who have came on board with Carmen ready to serve you.

Carmen is now available at these workshops:

  1. Kereta Services
  2. Aoto Pte Ltd
  3. Hussain & Sons Workshop
  4. Connect4Car
  5. Gary Engineering
  6. Max Factor
  7. Whitesnail Performance
  8. Garage Republic
  9. M-FRENO
  10. D-Project Werkz Pte Ltd
  11. Emerson Automotive Services Pte Ltd
  12. Hanip Automobiles 

Written by: Afrah

H/T: Money Crashes



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