Basic Car Maintenance And Now, An App That Will Alert You Next Time

Basic Car Maintenance And Now, An App That Will Alert You Next Time

Often times, car problems are associated with poor maintenance. We tend to overlook the small parts that helps contribute greatly to our car. Here are some guides to basic car maintenance and why Carmen?

  1. Fuse


Check for your car’s fusebox for any blow. If left unmanaged, it will create a multitude of problems ranging from lights or radio cutting. It is recommended to have yourself ready with a few tools incase this happen such as a pair of needle nose pliers and replacement fuses. The first step is to locate the fuse cover in your car and once you have located the fuse panel, detect the burnt out fuse and remove it by replacing with a new one.

2) Oil


There is no denying that without oil, your car can’t function hence why this is a very important step of all. You should always check for your oil even when your car seems to be doing well. It is important that you know the right amount of oil needed for your car. If the oil level is between the two dots, you are good to go!

3) Brake Fluid


This is one of the steps that are frequently forgotten by car owners as they don’t find it necessary but little did we know that it might cause a leakage in your brake lines and when that happened, the repairing comes in place. So the next time you are doing an inspection on your car, keep a look out on your brake fluid!


4) Battery


Battery corrosion can happen on battery terminals affecting the wiring that connects your battery to car. When this happened, you might be wondering how do I clean this? Well, here are some easy tips for you. To do this all you will need is some water and baking soda. Expose the terminal and apply a generous amount of baking on each of them. Apply water thereafter and observe the reaction. It will create a salt which you can just brush away.

5) Tires



Check your car’s tire pressure regularly because keeping your tires properly inflated will help your fuel economy. In order to check your air in your tired, you need a tire pressure gauge. If you are not sure of the right tire pressure for your car, always refer back to the car’s manual.

6) Windshield Wiper


This is a good step to follow to ensure that your drive is a smooth one. Adding windshield wiper fluid is really helpful to ensure that you can see clearly through your windshield.

Now don’t you wish you have an app or a tool that tells you about the condition or maintenance needed for your car? Or just simply knowing how your car is doing constantly without having to waste unnecessary money onto something that can be predicted early. Here’s Carmen for you. A dongle that reads your car’s data and since we are on the topic about fuel and ways to save it. Here’s why you need Carmen.

Carmen monitors your car’s fuel based on the total Distance, Travel, Time and Average Speed and the cost that you have spent on fuel for the past 7 days.

And the best part…



No more hassle in finding the right workshop! You can connect Carmen’s app to your preferred car workshop so that when your car requires maintenance or part-replacement, your workshop is alerted and you can book a date instantly! To date, we have a total of 12 workshops who have came on board with Carmen ready to serve you.

Carmen is now available at these workshops:

  1. Kereta Services
  2. Aoto Pte Ltd
  3. Hussain & Sons Workshop
  4. Connect4Car
  5. Gary Engineering
  6. Max Factor
  7. Whitesnail Performance
  8. Garage Republic
  9. M-FRENO
  10. D-Project Werkz Pte Ltd
  11. Emerson Automotive Services Pte Ltd
  12. Hanip Automobiles 

Written by: Afrah

H/T: Instructables



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