One small device, one HUGE difference for your car.

Car accessories and extras provide an additional level of snazz or convenience to your otherwise standard car. Some of them are primarily cosmetic, like steering wheel covers and upholstery, whereas some are functional, like dash-cams and GPS screens. When it comes to investing on car accessories, we are not just focusing on modifying it alone but for long term purposes too. This is the part where I introduce Carmen and why it’s a necessity for you.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.22.06 AM.pngCarmen Convo (2).png

A new generation technology that knows your car’s data in real-time and alerts you to potential problems, before it happens.


How it works?

The Carmen Diagnostic Tool is a small device that can be plugged into your car. Once it is plugged in, it starts monitoring your car for battery health, fuel efficiency, etc. The stats are then uploaded onto the internet. This data can be accessed through the Carmen App or by logging into your account on the Carmen website. These real-time stats provide vital information that helps you understand your car’s health. You can use this data to optimize your driving.


An example of a data reading on Fuel Efficiency 

What’s more awesome?

You can connect Carmen’s app to your preferred car workshop so that when your car requires maintenance or part-replacement, your workshop is alerted and you can book a date instantly! To date, we have a total of 11 workshops who have came on board with Carmen ready to serve you.

Carmen is now available at these workshops:

  1. Kereta Services
  2. Aoto Pte Ltd
  3. Hussain & Sons Workshop
  4. Connect4Car
  5. Gary Engineering
  6. Max Factor
  7. Whitesnail Performance
  8. Garage Republic
  9. M-FRENO
  10. D-Project Werkz Pte Ltd
  11. Emerson Automotive Services Pte Ltd

SAY NO MORE TO CAR TROUBLES. Carmen, Drive Smarter. Go Further. Buy now here!


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