Be A Fuel-Efficient Driver (Part 2)

Be A Fuel-Efficient Driver (Part 2)

Yesterday we saw how you can ensure better fuel efficiency for your car before you begin driving. Today we discuss how you can be a better and fuel-efficient driver once you hit the road.

Fuel Efficiency part 2: On the Road

Moderate Driving– Driving really fast, hard braking and “jack-rabbit” starts wreak havoc to your car’s health and fuel consumption. Doing so results in emissions being 5 times higher.

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Less Idle– Even though starting up your engine consumes a little extra fuel, letting it sit idle with the engine on burns more. Do not let your vehicle idle for more than a minute.

Source: Pexels

Park in the shade– Not only does parking in the sun cause increase in temperature inside your car, it also causes evaporation of fuel. Park in the shade for a cooler and better ride.

Tracking your vehicle’s fuel economy is important because a drop in it can mean your car is not in good shape. It might be stressful to keep track of everything in your car along with your busy life. Hence, it’s good that tools like The Carmen Diagnostic Dongle exists.


The Carmen Dongle makes your job easy- all you have to do it plug it in your car. Carmen takes care of the rest. It monitors your car’s stats and sends them to your phone. You can view them and see if your car is healthy. If not, you can schedule a check with your workshop of choice through the Carmen app. Thus, you drive peacefully on the road, knowing that your car is in good hands.

Here is how it works:


Save fuel, easily maintain your car, and drive safer and smarter for just $119.90! Get Carmen here today!!



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