Be A Fuel-Efficient Driver (Part 1)

Be A Fuel-Efficient Driver (Part 1)

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important features people look for when purchasing cars. However, for maximum fuel efficiency and value for money, there are additional tips that can be followed. In this two-part series, we take a look at some ways to be a fuel-efficient driver.

Fuel Efficiency- What and Why?

Fuel efficiency is the energy efficiency of a vehicle. It is given as a ratio of distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed. Basically it is a way to judge if you’re making the most of your fuel consumption. Fuel-efficient cars put in more miles per gallon of fuel.

Source: Pexels

A basic reason to have fuel efficient cars is because it is cost efficient. You travel more for less fuel. So you don’t have to fuel-up that often. It is also vital in reducing climate change. Fuel efficient cars have a smaller carbon footprint, hence contributing to a greener earth. And since oil is a non-renewable resource, saving fuel in whatever way is always beneficial.

Fuel Efficiency part 1: Before you Begin Driving

Maintain your vehicle– Basic maintenance like oil changes, spark-plug replacements goes a long way in ensuring you car’s health. This results in better fuel economy and also reduces Carbon emissions.

Check the tires– properly inflated and aligned tires results in less drag that your car must overcome when it hits the road. This improves gas mileage significantly.

Source: Pexels

Travel light– Don’t carry items you do not need. More weight means more drag. And less efficient fuel consumption.

Tracking your vehicle’s fuel economy is important because a drop in it can mean your car is not in good shape. It might be stressful to keep track of everything in your car along with your busy life. Hence, it’s good that tools like The Carmen Diagnostic Dongle exists.

carmen dongle

The Carmen Dongle makes your job easy- all you have to do it plug it in your car. Carmen takes care of the rest. It monitors your car’s stats and sends them to your phone. You can view them and see if your car is healthy. If not, you can schedule a check with your workshop of choice through the Carmen app. Thus, you drive peacefully on the road, knowing that your car is in good hands.

Catch part 2 here tomorrow!

Written By: Monica

H/T: Union of Concerned Scientists


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