Shortcomings Of Short Drives

Shortcomings Of Short Drives

We have discussed expensive car problems before. Engine health is one of the most important aspects of car care. The car engine is like its heart, if you do not maintain the engine, your car will often be in a bad state. But do you know that you reduce the engine’s life span just by driving short distances every day?Engine health

Some of the giveaway traits of an unhealthy engine are smoke from the exhaust, unusual smells and sounds, and leaks. An engine with flagging health is very bad for your car and you must send your car to the workshop to fix it as soon as possible.

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Driving short distances

Some of the issues with short distance driving are:

  1. Residue can build up on the engine because short trips will not allow sufficient time for the condensation in the oil system to burn off.
  2. Cold starting is bad for engines. A cold start is when you try to start your car’s engine when it is cold, relative to its normal operating temperature. Cold starting causes wear in the exhaust pipes, and that leads to early replacement.
  3. The viscosity of hot and cold oil is different, and significantly so, hence it causes the motor to work harder.
Source: Pixabay

Hence, try to not use your car for shorter drives too frequently. Do remember to change the oil and service your car regularly to make sure your car is in good shape.

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Written By: Monica


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