The Importance Of Car Servicing

The Importance Of Car Servicing

Car servicing is an oft overlooked part of a car owner’s life. Always the victim of procrastination, it is a chore that’s time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. Car servicing involves checks and repairs to some important car components. Let’s take a look to see if car servicing is really a big deal or can it be put off for another few months.

A properly serviced engine can save you a lot of money in the long run. It will break down less often and have a longer life. Engine troubles are one of the most expensive car problems and getting it serviced regularly can reduce a worry and costs as a car owner. If the engine fails, your car becomes useless, hence engine health must be your top priority.

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Hydraulic fluids and coolant checks are also conducted. These are important for ensuring engine longevity and its cooling efficiency.

During servicing, the car battery is also checked for leaks and mineral build-ups. The battery is replaced if needed. It is also possible for you to replace the battery yourself. But if you are not sure, it is better to get it done from a professional.

Brake malfunctions are a common reason for car accidents. This can easily be prevented by servicing your car during which, the mechanics will check your brakes and perform repairs if necessary.

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Apart from these, car servicing ensures your air-conditioning, door-locks, windshield wipers, spark plugs, tires, etc. are in good condition. Any problems with these components can lead to issues ranging from minor (in case of the air-conditioner) to major (worn spark plugs). Hence a regular maintenance check is absolutely essential to keep your car in the best condition so you drive safer and save money.


How to track your car’s health?

Technology has advanced enough to help you monitor your car’s health with just a few clicks. Using Carmen’s Diagnostic Tool, you can track your car’s stats like battery health, fuel, etc. These stats are recorded by a small device that can be plugged into your car. These stats can be accessed through your phone using the Carmen App or by logging into the Carmen website. These stats provide important information that helps you understand your car’s health.

The Carmen app can be connected to your preferred car workshop, so that the next time when your car requires maintenance or part-replacement, your workshop is alerted and you can quickly book a date to get your car serviced.

Carmen’s predictive technology is a huge asset for proper car care and is a handy tool to ensure your car is always in the best condition. Be a smarter driver and drive safe today! But your own Carmen dongle here.


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