How To Love Your Car

How To Love Your Car

UnknownefsLoving women is an art that not many have understood. In fact, women mostly feel like their better, or worse halves, do not truly understand them. Most will agree that to truly love someone you need to understand them inside and out.

Why not your car then? After all, with the amount of time and money you spend on your vehicle, it is no less than a baby that you need to show constant care and love to. But you can’t truly love your car unless you understand all of its workings.


Understanding your car and its vital stats can be the difference between life and death. Choose life by getting Carmen  here!

Sounds daunting? Let Carmen help you to truly understand your car by giving you on-the go, real-time data analytics on your smart phone. With the easy to install diagnostic dongle, Carmen will give you vital information about your car’s battery health, tyre pressure, engine health, fuel-efficiency and temperature gauge. Not only will Carmen give you all the information you need to love your car, but also these vital statistics could give you the right information, at the right time, to save your life when on the road.

carmen dongle .jpg

Understanding your car is the first step to loving your car so that it can serve you to the best of its abilities.

Find out how you can be the perfect car owner at

Written By: Merryl 


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