Step-By-Step Guide On What You Should Do If You Get Into An Accident

Step-By-Step Guide On What You Should Do If You Get Into An Accident

Source: Wikimedia 

Driving in one of the world’s safest countries might seem like a breeze. But there was a staggering 437 fatal accidents in 2001 in our tiny nation state. The number is much higher for non-fatal accidents. With accidents seeming to be an inevitable consequence of driving, it is important you know exactly what to do in the event of such an unforeseen circumstance. So here is a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the worst.

Step 1: Stay calm. We know it’s a hard thing to do but REALLY, STAY CALM!

Step 2: Don’t run away from the accident site. In Singapore you can only run so far before the police catches you!

Step 3: If there are people who are injured, call the paramedics ASAP! Or if you are medically trained, jump to action.

Step 4: If no one is injured, you can move your car to a safe place that won’t affect ongoing traffic. If there are injuries, vehicles are not to be moved till the police instruct you to.

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Step 5: Always remember to exchange your particulars with the other driver’s particulars. Remember to take down witness’s names if there are any. And use your smartphones to take pictures of the accident scene.

Step 6: If there were injuries due to the accident, a police report as well as the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) Motor Accident Report (MAR) Form.

For non-injury accidents, only the GIA MAR form need to be submitted to the insurer.

Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery 

Seems easy enough right? The most important part is for you to stay calm and remember theses steps. Happy driving!


Written by: Merryl

H/T: Automobile Association Of Singapore



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