5 TOP Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Car

5 TOP Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Car

Are you planning to invest in your vehicle for the long run? You should read ahead to save yourself from all the troubles and maintenance you will need in the long run.

  1. Engine:

Overheated engines could possibly can start a fire. Keep a look out at the Coolant Indicator Lamp for any sign of leakage from the engine, radiator or hoses and have it inspected immediately if you suspect the worst before flames unleashe from your car.


2. Faulty Battery

The average battery life span is 4 to 5 years. A good battery will give you the ultimate comfort on the road that gives power to the engine and the electrical components. If you’re in doubt, have it checked at the garage for the cables and terminals.

3. Damaged Tires


Uneven tire and wheels could cause misalignment. After getting a new tyre, check the tire threads regularly and if your current tire has a misaligned thread, it is time for a replacement. Always have the tire-repair-kit in handy in case of any mishaps.

Never forget to service your car with Carmen! Carmen gives you information about your car’s vital performance stats and alerts you if there’s a problem, before something bad happens. More info at Carmen.sg

4. Fuel Problem

This could be caused by having no fuel or too much fuel in your tank. But if you checked and there is gasoline in it but you still can’t start the car, it is probably because the gasoline cannot reach in the engine. Every car varies according to their power on how much fuel they need. It is always best to be informative of the right way on handling such a situation.

Porsche_GT3_trunk_(front)_(6293634244) (1)

5. Bad Safety

Ultimately, safety comes first in all occasions. Things such as belt and brake pads are the most important factor that goes hand in hand in ensuring the driver’s safety. Keep a close look out for any frays or cracks on your car’s belt and squeaking and squealing sound emanating from the brake pads. If you notice these signs, have it replaced immediately by taking your car to your service shop.

Written by: Afrah

H/T: Cartalk






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