Why You Need Carmen In Your Life

Why You Need Carmen In Your Life

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Driving is the most convenient and fastest way to get to your destination but there are many risks on the road. As cars are getting more electrical, it is increasingly becoming more important to know what is wrong with your car anytime, anywhere. This information could be the difference between keeping your family safe and their untimely demise.

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What Is Carmen?

This information is readily available to you if you install Carmen into your phone. Carmen is a an easy-to-install diagnostic dongle that connects remotely with your smart phone to provide you real-time updates about your car, such as your battery’s health, mileage and fuel efficiency, engine problems and temperature of the engine.

Making Your Battery Last Longer 

Information about the alternator, which converts the power generated by the car’s engine into electrical energy, and your usage of the battery in your car can help you make your battery last longer. The Carmen application will tell you in which aspects of your driving, battery consumption is used most and you can then take concrete decisions to allow your battery to last longer.

Real-Time Data 

In a similar aspect, the Carmen application will provide you real-time data on fuel consumption and mileage, providing you with the necessary information to make behavioural changes in your driving to save money and improve fuel efficiency.


There is a staggering 131,340 car accidents caused by vehicle malfunctions! Carmen can help you be more safe by giving you all the vital stats of your car before anything bad happens to you and your family, while driving!

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Invaluable Information On Your Engine

It also provides you with details on your engine’s health. Fault codes can be triggered by engine problems but can be triggered wrongly by sensors. Carmen will allow you to clear the fault code and see if it is triggered again, in which case you are absolutely sure that there is, in fact, a problem with the engine and it need to be taken in for servicing immediately. But if it doesn’t, it means that the engine is absolutely fine and was triggered by accident. Carmen gives you control on whether or not your car really is in need of repair services or not, helping you spend money on problems that are actually in need of fixing.

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Real-Time Temperature Gauge 

An overheated engine can be dangerous and extremely expensive and difficult to repair. With the Carmen application it will give you real-time temperature gauge of your engine’s coolant allowing you to always be in the know on whether your car is in danger of overheating.

Carmen is constantly getting upgraded to add in new features so that you are always well informed about your car. For example, Carmen will automatically inform your car service provider when it’s time for your servicing ensuring that you will always service your car in time. By providing you with relevant information, Carmen will help protect you and your family and allow you to have a happier and stress-free drive.

Get more information on the potential life-saver, Carmen, at Carmen.sg.


Written By: Merryl 


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