Life Of A Car As Told By A Car

Life Of A Car As Told By A Car


16 June 2015

Today was the first time I saw my master. He seems to have 2 miniature versions of himself that really loves jumping on the back seats. I guess they are kind of cute… but my whole body shakes when they jump like that…

He also seems to always listen to someone with long hair and a screeching voice. She keeps complaining about how she thinks I should be red instead of black. I think I look good in black, thankfully, so does my master.

I can tell my master is very happy to have me… he took an extra minute to just sit down and breathe in my ‘new car smell’ as he calls it. I think I am going to have loads of fun with him.


17 July 2015

This past month has been intense. I have almost figured out master’s routine. He will take minis, they call master ‘dad’, to a building that’s teeming with other minis almost every morning. And then he goes to a big building and leaves me in the underground car park. I stay there for almost 9 hours. Sometimes he brings friends in between to go for something called ‘lunch’. I wonder if they eat petrol like me….



18 December 2015

Today one of the minis spilled a sticky liquid on me. I was thoroughly disgusted. Master screamed at the mini and took me in to get waxed and vacuumed. I feel so shiny and pretty!


10 June 2016

It has almost been a year since I have gotten my master. I have done 10,378 miles. I feel like something wrong with my oil. It seems to be getting thicker and almost like there isn’t enough for me to keep going… I want to tell master but I don’t know how.

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21 June 2016

Master and I were on the highway and suddenly I came to a halt. I think I didn’t have any oil left. I was towed by the tow-truck and I was so embarrassed. Master seemed agitated and angry, probably because he could not send the minis on time.

Source: Wikipedia 

22 June 2016

I finally feel like the old me! The nice serviceman changes my oil and I feel so much better. I overheard him saying to my master to never forget to bring me in for servicing again. I hope he doesn’t. I can’t wait for our drive back with master!


Written By: Merryl





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