Installing A Dash-Cam Yourself? Read On To Discover A Potential Snag In Your Plan.

Installing A Dash-Cam Yourself? Read On To Discover A Potential Snag In Your Plan.

An in-car camera, or dash-cam, is a popular car accessory purchased by prudent car owners who want their vehicle to be safe. If you are looking to install one, here is an important tip for you- don’t do it if you are not familiar with your car’s electrical system. Let’s see why.

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Dash cams and other car accessories like In-Vehicle Unit (IU), need power to work; the same power used by the electrical components of the car, like the battery, lights, wipers etc.

Modern cars have a lot of functions that are done electrically. Power windows, central locking, seat adjustments, etc. are all automatic now. These features don’t use individual circuits, but employ a series of microprocessors that interact with each other.

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These microprocessors send the power wherever it is needed. In this setup, you might find a door module that has its own processor. If you press the switch to adjust the window, the processor sends the signal to another module in the car that routes the power to the motors controlling the windows.

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Because of this complex electrical system, the electrical power cannot be tapped into at random. It may cause issues like error messages and premature battery drain.

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Always entrust changes to the electrical system of your vehicle to someone who knows the latest electrical design of your car. Factory-trained technicians can make sure your accessories are fitted in without disrupting the electrical system of your car. Doing so yourself, without proper knowledge, can lead to serious car issues and more.

Written By: Monica

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