How Carmen Is Helping Singaporeans Save Fuel (and Money$)

How Carmen Is Helping Singaporeans Save Fuel (and Money$)

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Why you should care about fuel efficiency

In the 21st century, it is increasingly paramount for cars to be fuel-efficient. With the popular vacation spot, Maldives, soon to be below sea level,  reducing our carbon footprint is becoming a very real concern for many. On top of that, oil is a non-renewable energy source, being more fuel-efficient will help in ensuring we can make the most of the fuel we have left. Not to mention, improving the fuel efficiency of your car will help you save loads of money, especially since fuel prices seems to always be on the rise. If you don’t really care about all that… think about the cute polar bears on the melting ice caps 😞.

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Real-time fuel tracking

Carmen is an easy to install diagnostic dongle, which can help you become more fuel-efficient. It will provide you with real-time fuel consumption and tracks your expenditure on fuel. This will provide you with the necessary information to consciously make a behavioral change in the way you drive so as to optimize your fuel consumption.


Every 10 minutes of idling will cause you to waste over a whole cup of fuel. Let Carmen inform you on how you are wasting your petrol and help you save your hard-earned money! Get Carmen here to optimise your fuel consumption!

For example, Carmen will be able to tell you if you accelerate too much, or slam the brakes too often or if you are going too fast. These sudden changes in speed eats up petrol making you waste it. Knowing your driving patterns with the help of Carmen will thus help you improve your driving techniques, improving fuel-efficiency.

Regular servicing makes for better fuel efficiency

Fuel-efficiency is not only determined by good driving habits but also from the maintenance of the car. Cars that are serviced regularly will have better tyre pressure; cleaner air filters and betters parts that will aid in optimizing fuel-efficiency. But it is hard to remember to take your car in for regular servicing, but Carmen will inform your car service provider with the information so that they can contact you so that you will never forget to bring your car in for regular servicing.

audi-291059_960_720.jpgSource: Pixabay 

With the help of Carmen, you are well on your way to being more fuel-efficient (saving money) future. And don’t forget that you are helping the adorable polar bears and penguins🐧

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Written by: Merryl




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