Fatal Accident At Alexandra Canal Explained

Fatal Accident At Alexandra Canal Explained

Source: Phyllicia Wang, TNP

What was supposed to be a dinner with family, ended up with the mother-daughter- duo drowning in their own car on January 24 2016. Madam Yep Lay Choo and her daughter were pronounced dead at the scene when their Mercedes-Benz plunged into the Alexandra canal.

The inquiry on their tragic death commenced on July 4th and has shed light on the accident. Jegadeeswaran, the investigating officer, put the key findings forth in the Coroner’s Court.

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It is believed that, while exiting the Valley Point Shopping Centre, Mdm Yep failed to brake as it went over the final hump. This human error caused the vehicle to shoot out, past the canal’s railing and into the water. CCTV footage shows that the car was speeding, having covered 14.6 meters in a mere 3 seconds.

Source: Ong Wee Jin, The Straits Times 

Mechanical inspection of the car was conducted to rule out mechanical faults in the vehicle. Mechanical faults have been known to cause serious accidents in the past. However, no such defect was found and it has been concluded by the officer that the tragic accident was caused purely by Mdm Yep’s failure to break.

The police do not suspect foul play and instead believe that Mdm Yep was distracted causing the accident.


Written By: Merryl

H/T: Asia One


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