7 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

7 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

lights-clouds-dark-car.jpg Source: Your Poncho

The cheapest car in Singapore sells for a price tag of S$83,999. You would obviously want to keep such a hefty investment in the best of conditions. But we all know how annoying taking your car for servicing can be. We are here to tell you 7 reasons as to why you should get your car serviced regularly and not procrastinate about it!

  1. To maintain your warranty

Maintaining your warranty requires to send it fro servicing at correct intervals. If you don’t, it might invalidate your warranty leaving you to foot the looooong repair bill!

  1. Preventing engine failure

Belts need to be tightened regularly. If they are loose they could cause your engine to fail and this requires time and lots of money to fix. Regular servicing could prevent this!

engine-753856_960_720.jpg Source: Pixabay

  1. To break on time

We all know how important breaks are on the road for safety. They need to be regularly replaced and checked to ensure that they are safe to be on the roads!

  1. Tyres

The 4 tyres on our car need to always be in good condition and inflated to the right pressure. Flat tyres can lead to serious accidents. Very few of us truly know how to check our tyres correctly, making servicing even more important.

car-219727_960_720.jpgSource: Pixabay

  1. Preventing breakdowns

Regular oil changes are essential to prevent our cars engine from failing and breaking down. This not only will be expensive to fix but could also be dangerous to you and your family!

breakdown-984812_960_720.jpgSource: Pixabay

  1. Steering and suspension

While they might not be visible to you, they still need to be regularly checked to maintain its condition and increase the life of your car.

Never forget to service your car with the help of Carmen! Carmen gives you information about your car’s vital performance stats and alerts you if there’s a problem, before something bad happens. More info at Carmen.sg

  1. Getting the best price for your car

Proper servicing at regular intervals will ensure that your car remains in the best condition. This will allow you to ask for a better price for it, when and if you decide to sell it.

17123233449_9fe1ba9cfe_b.jpgSource: Flickr

Servicing is essential for you and your family’s safety and to keep your car in optimal condition. So if your car needs servicing, don’t wait, go to your car service center now!


Source: Pexels

Written by: Merryl 

H/T: Lube Mobile 


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