Things Not To Do At A Fuel Station

Things Not To Do At A Fuel Station

Owning a vehicle means inevitable visits to the fuel station every few weeks. But did you know that there are certain things to avoid while waiting for your automobile to fuel up? Here are some of the things you must never do at a fuel station for your own safety.

  1. Leaving the engine on

A running engine may set the flammable fuel on fire because it might spark during refueling.

  1. Using electronic devices

Whether electronic devices (mobile phones, vapes, etc.) can set off a fire is a debatable topic. Although it has been debunked, prevention is still better than cure, and electronic devices might be a distraction so it’s better to not use them while filling your car with fuel.

Source: Pexels
  1. Not removing static electricity charges

Static electricity is one of the main causes for fires at fuel stations. Static electricity can build up when you move across your seat. Try not to get in and out of your vehicle while refueling. Remove the static charges by touching metal on the outside of your vehicle, away from the filling point, before you remove the nozzle from your vehicle.

  1. Filling potable containers in the car

Use only approved portable containers to store or transport fuel. Never fill the container when it is inside or on the vehicle. Always make sure the container is firmly on the ground.

Source: Wikipedia

Static electricity is a dangerous factor that leads to fuel station fires. Do make sure you do not have any static electricity charges when handing your vehicle’s refueling.

Written By: Monica

H/T: Paultan, NFPA


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