Signs That It Is Time To See The Mechanic!

Signs That It Is Time To See The Mechanic!

You try to start your engine and your car won’t start, you tell yourself it is the ultimate sign that it is time for your vehicle to be inspected and fixed. You are wondering what could be the cause? Well, you may have overlooked the signs that were already given to you before it finally say its time…

  1. A Sudden Change Of Direction



If you caught your car veering to one direction or another from time to time, have your vehicle test in an open car-less road and if it does veer to one side, it simply means that the alignment is off. The main cause is either the brake or the tire. Check your tires for any worn or bold spots and sticky brakes. If you are unsure, have a mechanic check thoroughly!

2. Bad Gas Mileage



You noticed you have been filling up the gas car more often than usual, increasing the amount of money that goes to it too. The engine may not be working properly as it is not releasing fumes and emissions, as it should. It refers back to the sticky brakes that caused the car to work harder damaging the car further.

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3. Squealing Sound


A squealing sound coming from your car indicates that there is problem with the belt or the bearings. It is inevitable to ignore the squeal as it may stop as the car warms up but this could result with the belt to snap damaging the engine’s fan. Have a quick check at the mechanic for any replacement to avoid further damage to your car!

It all reverts back to the small parts that could possibly evolve into a bigger complication. Have your mechanic in check for any issue before finding yourself trapped with a broken down car.

Written by: Afrah

H/T             : Computrain Lap 




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