Car Spontaneously Explodes Along Farrer Road

Car Spontaneously Explodes Along Farrer Road

maxresdefault.jpgSource: YouTube

On June 6, a white car spontaneously caught fire near the junction of Holland Road and Farrer Road. The fire originated in the car’s engine compartment. The incident, thankfully, did not leave anyone injured but such incidents can be fatal to not only the driver but also to other drivers on the road.

Thanks to quick thinking on their part, a bus captain and a taxi driver helped put out the fire using fire extinguishers they had on their own vehicles. The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) then successfully contained the fire with just one water jet. They have both received the Public Spiritedness Award from the SCDF for their bravery on June 10. They had both been trained in handling such situations during their training period at SBT Transit.

scdf-award.jpgSource: Alicia Tantriady, Channel News Asia 

While the exact cause of the fire has yet to be confirmed, as it originated from the engine compartment, it could have been caused by several reasons. Fuel system leaks, electrical system failures, spilled fluids under the hood of the car, overheating engines and catalytic converters and poor maintenance of the car are common causes of such dangerous incidents.


These reasons could have most likely been prevented if the car was taken in for regular servicing. While this particular incident was not fatal, it is always important to have sufficient knowledge about your car and take it for servicing when needed. This information will ensure that you and your family are well protected on the road.

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Written By: Merryl

H/T: Channel News Asia


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