16 Tiny Frustrations That Get To All Car Drivers

16 Tiny Frustrations That Get To All Car Drivers

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We all love our cars, but there are teeny-tiny frustrations that we all go through when we drive, especially in Singapore.

  1. Getting stuck behind a slow driver

We all want to get to our destination as fast as possible. But it seems that there are people on the road with no such intentions. Getting stuck behind one of these lifeless drivers is the worst!

164tex.jpg                                                                                         Source: imgflip

  1. Distracted drivers

We don’t really care what they are distracted by, be it a phone or a girl or dreams. We only want them to pay attention on the road so that when the green light comes on we can zoom past the daydreamers!

  1. Not enough money in your cash card

Be it when you are reaching an ERP gantry or a multi-story car park, we have all been in that situation where you are slightly short of the amount of money you actually need. And it’s the most frustrating feeling ever!

  1. Thinking you found parking, but wait, crap…

Finding parking in car parks is hard as it is, but the false hope when you think you found a lot when in actuality it was taken up by a tiny car that you couldn’t see. That’s just betrayal…

Car_park_sensor.jpgSource: Wikipedia

  1. The Bermuda triangle

If you drop anything between your car seat and the hand brake console, good luck to you finding it. We suggest just buying a replacement for whatever you lost in there.

164tgy.jpg                     Source: imgflip

  1. Rattles in your car

There is always going to be something rattling in your car. You will think you fixed it but then something else will rattle. It’s like you can never get away from the curse of the rattling car.

  1. Things falling off your dashboard

It might be sunglasses or wallets or phones, a sharp turn is bound to send them to the floor of the car.

  1. Belt getting stuck

We have all wanted to start the car in a hurry only to spend an extra 3 seconds trying to pull free the belt.

  1. Passengers slamming doors

Your precious car deserves better treatment than our passengers taking their frustrations out on it.

car-1031016_960_720.jpgSource: Pixabay 

  1. Rain 😥

More often than not, the skies pour right after you wash your car. And not to mention it’s impossible to get into your car without getting the interior wet while its raining.

  1. Tight spaces

Tight lots or shi**ty parking by other people can leave you in too tight a spot that you have to squeeze to get in or out of your car.

  1. Flyers on your car

It’s annoying. Period. The worst is if it rains and the flyers are wet.

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  1. Eating in the car

Your car isn’t a restaurant. You know that, we know that but apparently your passengers don’t.

164tim.jpg                                                            Source: imgflip

  1. People belittling your car

It might not be the best car in the world, but it’s still your baby…

15.  Beep, Beep, Beep

When your cash card reader refuses to read your cash card and it just won’t shut up about it.ERPBugis.jpgSource: Wikipedia 

16.  Having to pay because you are 1 minute too early

When the ERP gantry closes at 8.00pm and you cross it at 7.59pm and you pay 2 dollars and you wonder why you didn’t take an extra minute in the toilet that day. Sigh…

We have all been frustrated, but would you even dream of not driving?

Written By: Merryl 


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