Things You Need To Know About The Temperature Of Your Car

Car_fire_I-90_Massachusetts.jpgThe temperature of your car’s engine is essential to take note of. The temperature gauge on your dashboard will indicate if the engine’s coolant is cold, hot or normal. The damage caused to a car due to overheating is extensive and requires you to shell out big bugs to fix. Instead, preventing overheating and stopping the damage from getting too extensive is your best bet to save some cash.

Reasons The Temperature Gauge Reads High

A high reading can mean that your vehicle is overheating or you might have a leak in the coolant system. Your thermostat could also be broken or you might have a water pump gasket failure.

2003_Honda_Civic_fuel_gauge_empty.jpgSource: Wikimedia

What You Should Do If Your Car Overheats

This is a dangerous matter and swift action needs to be taken. Start by switching off your air-conditioning unit. You should also pull over and open the hood of your car, and wait for the car to cool down. Opening the radiator cap is dangerous and this should not be done. Once the car has cooled down (i.e. the temperature gauge is not in the red zone), immediately take it to the mechanic to get it checked.

You can access your car’s real time temperature gauge through your phone with Carmen. This will allow you to be well-informed about the temperature of your car and take the necessary steps needed to stop the overheating. Carmen gives you information about your car’s vital performance stats and alerts you if there’s a problem, before something bad happens. More info at

The cost of replacing components of an overheated engine is expensive. And while you cannot prevent damage to head gasket, cylinder and thermostat, you should replace your antifreeze every 30,000 miles and your motor oil every 7,500 miles.

Overheating is generally a rare issue in cars that are serviced regularly. But it’s always important to know what to do in the off-chance that your car overheats.

Written by: Merryl 

H/T: Ebay 


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