Security Threats And How It Could Hack Your Car


Credit: Autocricket

Jeep, Nissan, Tesla and now Mitsubishi are a just few cars that are more at risk to getting hacked. Studies show that modern vehicle these days comes with technologies that connects to their smartphone apps which helps monitor the car safety features, fuel economy, battery level, alarm and overall, a sense of convenience. If not handled properly, the hackers could access to the car’s alarm system finally opening the car.

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Unconsciously, we could just be the next victims of cyber threats possibly getting hacked. Ken Munro, a security expert, investigated this situation upon realising his friend’s Mitsubishi Outlander Wi-Fi access point on his phone. He went to buy the exact car to test it out. Shockingly, he found himself accessing easily to the car and tracking it.

Munro says, “Aftermarket devices are also providing consumers with new features to monitor the status of their vehicles. However, with this increased connectivity, it is important that consumers and manufacturers maintain awareness of potential cybersecurity threats.”


Credit: Flickr

Just last year, a Jeep driven by Wired reporter Andy Greenberg was hacked while he was driving down the freeway. Munro added that he tried contacting Mitsubishi of the issue only to feel dissatisfied with their respond. He feels that more action should be done immediately to avoid further attack.

Mitsubishi US representative Alex Fedorak claimed that such incident is a first for them and is working towards fixing the problem. While they are investigating into the matter, car owners are recommended to deactivate their onboard Wi-Fi until further notice.

Written by: Afrah

H/T:            : Guardian




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