Fast Act Saves Boy Who Was ‘Internally Decapitated’

Fast Act Saves Boy Who Was ‘Internally Decapitated’

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What could have been a tragedy turned out to be a miracle for the Gonzalez family who got into a car crash during a hailstorm at Idaho. Couple, Joel Woodward and his wife, Leah Woodward was dubbed as the “Good Samaritans” for saving a life of 4-year-old boy, Killian Gonzalez who was internally decapitated and suffering from some other serious injuries.

The impact of the crash caused the boy’s skull to be separated from his spine. The couple, a police officer, who were returning from a camping trip saw the accident and immediately went to help. At the scene, loud cry could be heard while the parents were found trapped at the front seat. Woodward smashed the car window and Leah helped held Killian’s head upon knowing he was having a serious neck injury.

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Credit: Wikipedia

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Joel Woodward told CTV News Channel, “Our first instinct was basically just to get out and ascertain any injuries and see what we could do to help.”

The boy remarkably survived the tragedy without undergoing any surgery and is now on the road to recovery together with his family.

Written by: Afrah

H/T              : Ctvnews




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