Simple Tyre Pressure Guide

Simple Tyre Pressure Guide



Credit: Flickr

Having the right tyre pressure plays a big part in enhancing your vehicle’s safety while maintaining fuel efficiency. Let’s get to the basic and probably the most essential part of maintaining your car! Tyre pressure are calculated by pounds per square inch (PSI) or BAR pressure. The amount of air in your tyre will determine the pressure and inflation that will have effect to the tyre. Below is drawings that indicates the different types of tyres inflation.


Under Inflation                           Right Inflation                           Over Inflation

Credit: KwitFit

Under Inflation Tyre: Under inflated tyres are caused by irregular check up and can lead to poor performance on the road. If left unattended for some time, it will worn out the tyre even more especially on the edges. Do you know that unconsciously, you are actually contributing to CO2 emissions from the rolling of resistance. Be wary early. 

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Over Inflation Tyre: As you can see from the drawing, over inflated tyres have a smaller contact patch on the road which can cause a loss of traction and poor brakes. An over inflation tyre has an opposite effect which affects the inner wear of the tyre.



So what can you do to prevent it from happening? It is advisable to have it check regularly simply by using a tyre pressure gauge especially during extreme weather changes. Be informative of your vehicle and the amount of weight it can carry. It will help you maintain your tyre efficiency for the long run!

Written by: Afrah

H/T: Kwik-Fit







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