Bad Women Drivers – Are They Really?

Bad Women Drivers – Are They Really?

We have heard about women and their bad driving jokes for a while now. The jokes typically go around men who think they are a better drivers than women. Is it true though that women are generally bad drivers? Let’s find out!


Credit: allstate

The tale began back in the 1940’s, a source from Kwit Fit Insurance quoted that, “a mechanic could not diagnose a problematic car until he noticed the female motorist drive away with her bag (purse) hanging on the manual choke”. Since that moment, speculation about women being bad drivers was created.

Surprisingly, according to a statistic given by Quality Planning, it was proven that women are actually better and safer drivers than men.

The study revealed that with reference to driving violations, men scored higher in percentages such as reckless driving, seatbelt violation, speeding,  DUI and others. Supported by ABC news, a report by John Stossel also suggests that seventy-one percent of all accidents are caused by men.



According to the study, the reason why women are seen as a better driver is because they are most likely to abide by rules set for safe driving as compared to men. Men on the other hand are seen as being aggressive drivers. However, regardless of gender, perhaps it shouldn’t be a question as to who is a better driver, but rather, who is the safer driver?

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Written by: Afrah

H/T: Cars.lovetoknow




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