The Back of Front Car Seats Are Killing Children. What You Need To Know.

The Back of Front Car Seats Are Killing Children. What You Need To Know.


The back of front car seat are breaking during rear-end collisions. In such scenarios, the passenger in that seat is flung back and injures the back seat passenger, possibly killing children.


CBS News Investigation reports that most injured in such accidents are children and that the auto industry refuses to fix the problem.

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What is NHTSA going to do about this?

CBS New reports, “NHTSA and carmakers have known about the problem for decades. One auto company engineer testified fixing the seats would cost on the order of a dollar or so.”

Automakers have until June 23rd 2016 to reassure Senators Markey and Blumenthal, members of the Senate and the House of Representative, of the safety of their cars as more and more people are demanding answers to why this serious problem has not been rectified. In one incident, 16-month old Taylor Warner couldn’t be saved when her family’s Honda Odyssey Minivan met with a collision, with the front seat breaking and falling on top of her.

Written by     : Afrah

H/T                 : CBS News


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