What Are Engine Trouble Codes?

What Are Engine Trouble Codes?


Image by Klaus Nahr

Engine trouble codes are the errors that the car has when there are issues. Most cars nowadays run off a system called OBD II. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. This system helps mechanics and workshops to trouble shoot the errors or problems that your car has – even if you can’t feel the problem, if there is a code, the mechanic will know.


Photo by endolith

There are many readers and apps out there that can help you to read the error codes – with some only giving the error code number and others giving the full code and details. It is now also possible for some devices to clear the trouble codes that you receive from your car itself. The amount of error codes runs into the thousands, so it is important that you get a good reader to make sure you know what the code is.

Sometimes fault codes may appear for no reason at all, and a simple reset may be all that is needed to clear the issue. However, if the code keeps reoccurring, it may be time to send your car to a workshop to get it checked out.

Having one of the many readers on the market (such as Carmen) would definitely be a great help in making sure that your car stays nice and healthy!


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