How Do I Know If My Car Battery Is Going To Die?

How Do I Know If My Car Battery Is Going To Die?

Car batteries are an essential part of our car. This is what is used to power all of the electronic systems throughout the whole car. If the battery is dead or going to die soon, it might be a time to replace it as it is definitely needed for your car.


Image by Cali4beach

  1. It Cranks But Doesn’t Fire Up

One of the signs that points towards a bad battery is if the car can crank and turn over but doesn’t actually fire up. Often, this shows a battery that still has voltage but doesn’t have enough to actually start the car. In this case, a jump start could often be enough to start the car (assuming that there are no underlying problems). Once the car has been jump-started, let it run for 20-30 minutes to allow the alternator to re-charge the battery. If the car can’t start again after you have let it run, there is a high chance that the battery is dead (or going to be dead soon), which means you should replace it.


3849332031_fcc09bee93_o.jpg Image by Charles Williams

  1. It Doesn’t Fire Up Straight Away / Weak Starting

An early sign of a battery that could be dying soon is a weak start. If the car doesn’t fire up straight away and instead struggles into life, it could be indicative of a battery that might not be generating enough voltage or keeping enough charge.



Image by Qfamily

  1. Doesn’t Start At All

Although there may be other issues that may cause your car not to start, more often than not it will be a battery problem that is the source of your woes.



Image by Charles Williams

Although the above points are just some guides, it’s always best to get your trusted mechanic to check out any problems that you’re having with your car. In the past you would always have to call upon your mechanic for everything – even checking the battery voltage! Luckily, with products such as Carmen, you can easily monitor and check the status of things such as your battery voltage. In the case of Carmen, it can even tell you the condition of your battery before breakdowns happen! Hopefully technology like this will reduce the future occurrences of people being stranded due to dead batteries…


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