Why You Should Change Your Oil


Image by: Jesse Wagstaff

Most people know that they need to change their oil. But most of the time, it is only due to the insistence of their mechanic – they don’t really know WHY it is needed. Here are some of the reasons why changing your oil is important.


Image by: robertstinnett

What does engine oil do?

Basically, the engine oil lubricates all of the metal parts within the engine to reduce friction. Without engine oil, the metal parts would grind against each other causing parts to wear out maybe even leading to catastrophic engine failure due to the head build up.


Image by: Grant.C

But the question that some of you may be asking is “Why should I change it when there is already some inside?”. Basically, over time the engine oil will degrade, leading to the loss of effectiveness in the way it lubricates parts. The oil could get contaminated with particles (such as small metal shavings) or break down (becoming thinner). These are both undesirable outcomes for the engine.

Previously, oils were recommended to be changed at more regular intervals, but due to advances in oil research and technology, the intervals are now further apart. Usually it is recommended to change your oil at either a specific mileage (e.g. 10,000km) or timing (e.g. 6 months). Of course, this is dependent on the climate of the country as well as the type of driving that is done. A car that is in a hot climate which races every weekend will require more frequent oil changes as compared to one that is only used to get groceries and come back home.

Nowadays, there are also a lot of reminder services and apps such as Carmen that you can use to track the mileage travelled and remind you when servicing is needed.


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