$16 Million Raised By MIT Startup To Launch Singapore Self Driving Taxi

$16 Million Raised By MIT Startup To Launch Singapore Self Driving Taxi


An example of the type of car being used by NuTonomy – Image by Mytho88

Startup NuTonomy recently raised $16 Million to work towards its goal of introducing driverless Taxis to Singapore by 2018. The company has touted itself as being one of the first to offer a solution for managing a large number of automated taxis. NuTonomy has the backing of many influential people (such as Bill Ford – Ford Motor Co. Chairman) and seems to have the potential to rival competitors such as Uber and Grab, shaking up the industry.

Some other technologies that will be introduced include a smartphone hailing cab system, remote car control and fleet management and routing.

Although their product is still in development, it is already being tested on the streets near One-North. Self-driving cars have been introduced before – such as in the case of Tesla. However, these applications have been limited and are only applicable in certain situations, such as cruising on the highway or when pulling out of parking lots.

One of the biggest implications of having these self-driving cars is the inevitable loss of many jobs, due to the taxi companies being unable to compete. It is still unclear how this problem will be solved, but there will be at least another 2 years before NuTonomy fully rolls out their technology.

It will be interesting to see this technology on such a large scale, as if it is successful, we could truly be seeing the start of a revolution.


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